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Keramoti - Nestos Delta


Keramoti is built on the edge of the Keramoti gulf, at the delta of the river Nestos, southeast of Kavala and opposite of the island of Thasos. It is 10 km away from the international airport Megas Alexandros of Kavala, 40 km from Kavala and Xanthi, 14 km from Chrisoupoli, and 6 nautical miles from Thasos.

Regular transportation to Keramoti includes a bus from Kavala every hour, and a bus from Xanthi every half hour. Keramoti is connected to Thassos every hour by modern boats (half an hour's ride). To reach Keramoti by air, one could fly from Athens (2 flights daily, each 40 minutes long), or from many major European capitals with regular of charter flights.

Keramoti is ideal for those seeking a vacation at a place of great natural beauty, who wishes to combine the serenity of the natural surroundings with the comforts of western civilization.

Visiting Keramoti

A visitor in Keramoti can enjoy the best summer, or other, holidays. Keramoti is a place with rare beauty, where one can fish or swim on a vast length of beaches. Also, fresh fish can be bought off the fishing boats that dock at the harbor after the night's fishing. There are also many restaurants, taverns, bars, confectionary shops, coffee shops, folk art shops, super markets, and all the comforts and conveniences offered by all major European resorts.

Keramoti Beach

The Keramoti Beach is pronounced as one of the best beaches of continental Greece by its visitors. There are many kilometres of beautiful sand, surrounded by deep blue waters. The beaches offer all comforts, such as umbrellas for hire, beach bars, lounge chairs, and anything else that the beach-goers might require.

Nestos Delta

The Nestos Delta is known for its wildlife, particularly birds. A number of ruins can also be seen in the Delta area at the villages of Tozotes and Paradeisos.

Any naturalist staying on Th?sos should take the opportunity of taking the ferry to Keramoti and visiting the outstanding habitats of the Nestos Delta on the adjacent mainland. The Nestos River begins on Mt. Rila in Bulgaria and travels 234kms through the Rhodope Mountains to reach the Aegean sea east of Keramoti. Within Greece, the 140kms, from the Central Rodopi Forests on the Bulgarian border, down through the Nestos Gorge to the vast expanse of lakes and marshes of the Delta, are of exceptional importance for wildlife. Most of the area is a proposed National Park, containing three separate Special Protection Areas for bird conservation, and the 125,000 acres of the Delta are designated as a Ramsar Wetland site.

The Nastos Museum of Nature was established in June, 1990 in Hrissoupoli, Kavala, by the Society for the Protection of Nature and Eco-development. It is open every day except Monday from 9 am to 3 pm during the winter and from 9 am to 1 pm and 5:30 to 8 pm during the summer. Located at 117 Venizelou St. The Museum's phone number is 0591 24289.

Inside the Museum, the visitor can find extremely useful information on the wetlands and ecosystems on the Nestos delta and learn of the dangers threatening them. There are also guidelines for visitors, so that they can enjoy nature without destroying it. Apart from numerous photographs, there are also models of characteristic biotopes on the delta.

In the Museum garden, one can see "living" nature from the delta biotopes in the models of sand dunes and lakes; they include natural vegetation in the form of herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees. Furthermore, in the pond in the Museum garden, the visitor can admire the white water-lilies and bulrushes along with the dragonflies, lizards and frogs.

Since 1989 the Society for the Protection of Nature and Eco-development has been holding summer work camps for young people 16-25 years old, in collaboration with the Fund for the European Natural Heritage.

Besides practical work to protect nature, swimming, games, entertainment, excursions and, most importantly, discussions are included on these camps' schedules.

For further information, contact the Society for Protection of Nature and Eco-development at P.O Box 47,64200 Hrissoupoli, telephone 0591 23144.

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