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Stena Nestou (Nestos Straits) - Stavroupoli - Villages of Nestos

A deep ravine of Nestos River with high steep cliffs, wooded slopes, riverine forest and maquis. Human activities are focused on cattle raising, and the area is crossed by a railway track. Hunting limitations are not enforced.

A small scenic village located to the north of the city of Xanthi. The village may be the starting point for a number of colorful excursions to some of the most idyllic locations of Hellas. Among them the Stena Tou Nestou, (Nestos's straits), located at the boundaries of the Xanthi and Kavala provinces. The railway line leading from Xanthi to Kavala passes through the straits and offers the traveler an idyllic, scenic view of pure beautiful Hellenic nature.

The place apart from its natural value has also a significant ecological value and is considered among the most important Aesthetic Forests of Hellas. The Nestos's straits have been described as a natural botanical garden due to the extremely rich flora of the area. The area is also the reproduction site of numerous mammal and bird species. The best time to visit the area is during May and the September-October period.

Lying twenty-eight kilometres from the town of Xanthi in the northwest side of the prefecture, the municipality of Stavroupoli borders on the prefectures of Drama and Kavala. Its homonymous seat, the small country town of Stavroupoli, is built on the slopes of low hills, beside the Nestos River. The municipality of Stavroupoli is an ideal pleasure destination offering options on alternative tourism both to the locals and visitors. Its houses are perfect examples of folk architecture. Many of them have been restored and transformed into comfortable tourist guesthouses. The Folklore Museum of Stavroupoli displays interesting exhibits reflecting the tradition of this land.

The municipality of Stavroupoli constitutes an ideal destination for all visitors as the relief of its soil surface allows the development of beautiful mountainous landscapes with many alternations.

The entire municipality has well-organised accommodation and food facilities (restaurants and cafes), where you can relax, invigorate yourself and taste local dishes.

Whitewater rafting and kayaking trips:
  • Canoe-Kayak, Canadian Canoe: Activities include gentle-float trips on flat stretches, ideal for enjoying the unique Xanthian riverside scenery.
  • Kayak: Adventures traveling through excellent whitewater and lots of rapids for added thrill.
  • Rafting: Runs conducted aboard 8-10-people rafts on rapids for added thrill.

The runs take place along the length of Nestos River, starting from the Hydroelectrical Plant in Platanovryssi, going through the narrow river passages and lakes and reaching all the way to the Nestos Delta.

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