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Thassos Island

Many ask what is the best time to visit Thassos. This is very hard to answer, as each and every person has different interest for the visit and likes and dislikes about every aspect of their trip. There is no single best time to visit the island, but we will attempt here to give you some information about Thassos that may help you choose your best time to visit Thassos based on your likes, dislikes and interests.

Interested in Nature, Culture and Tradition?

If you love nature, there are many activities you can take part in year around. Hiking, rock climbing, visiting archaeological sites and many more activities can be done year round. There are also cultural events from time to time around the island that you will find worth attending.

To see Thassos at it's most beautiful time you would want to visit in the month of April, May or June. Spring brings on many wonderful colors as nature wakes from its winter rest. In addition to the beauty of the Thassos spring, only a short ferry ride away, close to Keramoti, is an ecological treasure. This area is the wetlands of the Nestos Delta. Here you also will find the magical beauty of spring doing its work on the fauna of the area. The best period for this area may be April and May, but is truly a wonderful place to see year round.

The weather

The weather is usually very nice on Thassos, beginning as early as April, and lasting until mid November. Of course, like every where else the weather is never a sure thing from year to year. We will talk about what is considered to be normal here.

It is important to point out that there are days when the ferries can't move due to the wind conditions. This means that you could be stranded a day or two on the mainland trying to get to Thassos or a day or so on Thassos, trying to get to the mainland. This is more common in the months from December to April but could occur at anytime of the year. When this happens, the arriving traveler can easily find accommodations on the mainland if necessary. The departing traveler will most likely know in advance of severe weather and can depart the island a bit earlier than planned to make sure that flights are not missed. These bad spells can last for hours to days, but normally no more than 1 day. Some of these days, the Dolphin may still make its scheduled trips from Kavala to Limenas (Thassos Town) while the ferries are unable to make theirs.

Reasons to Visit Thassos

Thassos is a green island, giving it another name, "The Emerald Island". Trees grow all around the island, from the top of the mountains to the sandy shores. This you will not find on the other islands.

Thassos has it's own fresh water. Most of the other islands have their water brought in from the mainland. You will find that in the village of Panagia , the water running from the mountain springs is the best on the island. Clear, cold and tastes great.

The water surrounding the island is clear, the beaches clean and the sun is bright.

Thassos still retains its Greek culture. Here, you still have all the traditions of Greece and not the imported culture and traditions from other countries. You will experience the real Greece. Come eat what the Greeks eat. Drink what the Greeks drink and dance the way the Greeks dance.

Thassos, itself is full of history and archaeological sites. In fact, in the city of Limenas (Thassos Town), there are archaeological sites all through the city.

Thassos is only one hour fifteen minutes away from the mainland of Greece if you take the ferry from Limenas (to Keramoti) or Skala Prinos (to Kavala) and only half an hour away if you take the ferry from Thassos Town.

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